Weekly Prayer: 11 September 2016

Lord Jesus,

Send your Spirit to accompany us,

so that whenever we journey,
we journey with your blessing.

Send your Spirit to protect us,
so that however we travel,
we travel with your peace.

Send your Spirit to guide us,

so that wherever we go,
we go with your inspiration.

Send your Spirit to uplift us,

so that whatever we do,
we do for your glory.


Weekly Prayer: 04 September 2016

Loving Lord

As a new school year begins, we ask for your guidance and protection for all young people as they embark on their new adventures. May your word be a lamp to their feet and a light to their path.

In your name   Amen

Weekly Prayer: 31 July 2016

Lord, we come to You
Because in Christ You first came to us.
We open our lives to You, because Christ has poured out His life for us.
We commit ourselves to You because in Christ You demonstrated Your eternal
Commitment to us. Amen.

Weekly Prayer: 24 July 2016

Light of the world infiltrate my darkness
Light of the world restore my strength
Light of the world illuminate my pathway
and grant me your peace
that I may find my way home to you

Weekly Prayer: 03 July 2016

Awesome God, We thank you that we can walk day by day in the reassurance and knowledge that you have already travelled the road ahead of us, you have already taken your presence and peace there. In these uncertain times remind us of this and fill out hearts and minds to overflowing for you are the alpha and the omega. Amen.