During the New Year’s eve, I was among  some street pastors  patrolling the  street in the night, when we  were approached by a young man  who asked  for the  direction to a new  hotel he was going to lodge.

He had come from somewhere and was not familiar with his surroundings.

After directing  him, he asked why we were on the street.  The answer  was : ‘to help vulnerable people in times like the situation he was in and more so to let people feel the love of Christ the Saviour’.

He then remarked:  ‘I do not believe in a God who wants us to be morally good’.  During the conversation, his mobile phone  rang  and he said it was from his girlfriend, so he left us.

His comments set me thinking and asking myself:  ‘what do we expect in a relationship, and why did he leave us to go to find his friend?’  Was it because he knew that  the person who called  him was faithful  and could help?  If in a relationship we expect to enjoy the honesty and faithfulness of each other,  is it out of the way  for our Heavenly Father to expect His children to be faithful to Him and to themselves?  Is it not that He wants us to enjoy a peaceful and happy life by listening to His advice?   I believe  we would all like that,  as demonstrated by the  young man we met walking away to look for his friend.  Similarly, God urges us to be faithful in following Him when we hear or read His word in Scripture.

The second thought that kept me thinking at the threshold of the New Year was, when the young man asked us for the direction to his hotel.  It also reminded me that we were soon going to enter into a New  Year,  a journey in which no one knows what lies ahead of us, but only  God .

He is the only one we can ask to direct and accompany us on our life’s journey through the year.

Just as the young  man found us in times of his need for direction to a place he was not quite sure and felt safe with us, so can we rely on Christ for direction and be safe  to the unknown Year we have just  entered.  Christ’s love is waiting for us to embrace and give us life and peace.

Jesus said to His disciples: ‘’ I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life( John 14: 5)”.  Christ  is already in the future and knows  all about it,  so we can trust Him to lead us through the path of the year.

Therefore for this year let us hold on and take Him by His Word knowing that even in the shadows of death, He will be our Saviour;  so  we  need not be afraid. He will guide and guard us safely  through  the days ahead.

A Happy New Year and  May the peace of Christ enfold us all. Amen.



Rev. Elizabeth Osei