Weekly Prayer: 29 January 2017

Loving Father,
If I may be discouraged today then strengthen my faith,
If I may be angry today then comfort my heart,
If I may be sad today then lift my spirits,
If I may be impatient today then still my thoughts,
If my faith is failing then help me trust in your promises. Amen

Weekly Prayer: 22 January 2017

Loving God,   We thank you for this New Year, with all the challenges and opportunities that it will bring.   Bless us with the character to grasp our opportunities, the grace to face challenges in your strength, and the wisdom and humility to make choices that will honour you.   In Jesus’ great name we pray, Amen.

Weekly Prayer: 06 November 2016

Jesus I receive your love poured out for me
in bread and wine.
Accept this gift of my life, brought to the altar
without conditions.
Do your work in me, and let me be,  like you,
taken,  blessed, and given for others;
for,  in spite of my sin,
you know that I love you.

Weekly Prayer: 23 September 2016

Father God, thank you for the harvest.   Thank you for the light, warmth, water and vegetation that nurture life, health and growth.   Accept our praise for your creation, our thanks for your provision, and our work for your Kingdom.   In Jesus’ name we pray.   Amen