Message from our minister, November 2017

I’ve had a clear out this week moving two van loads of stuff to the tip! I’m rather enjoying the space that has been created.

During the clear out I saw Tennis racquets, Golf clubs and Tae Kwon Do gear! I remember buying the racquet – it had Andre Agassi’s name on the cover. I felt sure that it was only a matter of time before I played tennis at the same level Agassi did! I played a lot of tennis that summer and really improved as a player but then when winter came I played football instead. In the following summers, I barely played tennis and I can’t describe myself as a good tennis player today. Golf and Tae Kwon Do happened a bit later so I was old enough to know I probably wouldn’t become world champion! I felt Golf would be a game I could play throughout my life so I invested in some clubs. To this day Golf is still the most frustrating game I have ever played – it could make me turn the air blue! I didn’t feel I was improving quickly enough so I gave up.

I had a practical reason for giving up Tae Kwon Do but I still gave up. Actually a review / clear out of my old stuff reminded me of all the things I have given up. I’ve found old journals – I remember deciding that I would keep a journal to help me keep track of my life. It lasted less than a week!

Cycling and skateboarding were things that I gave up on. I could be a very good musician now if I had kept going with the piano, the guitar or the harmonica. I didn’t – I gave up on all 3. Rather embarrassingly – I even found a book called ‘Never Give Up,’ and I hadn’t finished it!

I found several footballs. Actually, I have played football throughout my life – not at a high level – but I have kept going with it.

Another thing I have kept going with is my faith. You may think that is obvious for a Christian minister to say that but ministers have doubts the same as everyone else. I have often thought that I am not a very good Christian but I have kept going. Sometimes my love for Him has blown hot or cold but I have kept going. The real thing that helps me keep going is God’s love. I have never doubted it. I’ve sometimes doubted his leading – or whether I am following that leading correctly and I’ve sometimes doubted whether he can really bring good out certain situations. But I have never doubted his saving love.

His love is what keeps me going. That’s why my Bible isn’t in the loft with the old Tennis racquets, Golf clubs and Tae Kwon Do gear and all the other things that I’ve given up on. Persistence may not have been one of my great qualities through the years, but faith has been there since I gave my life to Christ. And I hope it will always be there – because His love will always be there.

How about you? Is God front and centre in your life? Are you trying to squeeze him into the loft with other things you are not using? Or somewhere in between?

Rev Andy Clark