Message from our minister, May 2017

Easter is upon us once more – and may I convey my warmest Easter Greetings to you all. Some of you, if you’re like me, will have eaten too much chocolate over the Easter weekend, perhaps after giving it up for Lent. Well, unbeknown to you I gave something up for Lent – light bulb jokes – so now that Lent is over I wonder if you would indulge me in a few….

A) How many mystery writers does it take to change a light bulb?

Two – one to screw it almost all the way in and the other to give it a surprising twist at the end.

B) How many real men does it take to change a light bulb?

None. Real men aren’t afraid of the dark.

C) How many Methodists does it take to change a light bulb?

Well, I remember one occasion when it took five of us actually. Of course we were all real men and not afraid of the dark but nevertheless we were asked to fix one of the lights in the church. We first discussed the safest way to get the large old ladder to straddle the pews. Three of us eventually held the ladder in place and one climbed the ladder to change the bulb. It would have been barely possible, and very dangerous, with one. It would certainly have been possible, though still not particularly safe, with two. With three it could have been done safely and well but there seemed no harm in adding another two to make a team of five. It was more fun working as a group.

I was walking Max in the park today and happened upon a group of dog walkers together. It’s a common sight – the already enjoyable pursuit of dog walking can be improved still further when shared with other dog walkers. Sometimes things are just better when shared with others.

During our Lent Studies this year we had 14-18 people that came along every week and shared their experiences of following Jesus. Making time to study God’s word with others and honestly reflecting on the joys and challenges of living for Him can really help us to grow as Christians. House groups, for example, offer prayer, Bible study, support in times of need or stress, and friendship at a deeper level. We are fortunate to have such groups led by Linda and Anne, but could we have more such groups? Reaching a wider group of people? Would you be interested in joining such a group?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes why not come and have a word with me about it. When Mary Magdalene met with the risen Jesus he suggested she go and share the news with the disciples! The disciples on the Road to Emmaus, on recognising Jesus also hot footed it to share the news with the others. The followers of Jesus have been sharing news of Him with each other ever since! And house groups stand proudly in that tradition. As the disciples gathered together, Jesus appeared to them and they were filled with joy. I hope you will have a share in that joy over the Easter season and beyond…