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Weekly Prayer: 22 May 2016

Lord Jesus Christ, light of the nations and

Hope of all who put their trust in you,

In darkness shine

In despair lift up

Where the way seems impossible, show us your ways.

And with all people keep us joyful in hope,

Patient in affliction and faithful in prayer

Until your kingdom comes.  Amen.

Weekly Prayer: 15 May 2016

There’s no limit
to the treasures God can give us,
No limit to his loving care;

There’s no limit
to his gracious bounty,
No limit to it anywhere.

There’s no limit
to the mercies God can show us,
No limit to his forgiving ways;

There’s no limit
to his deep compassion,
No limit in hours or days.

There’s no limit
to the joys God can send us,
No limit to his endless grace;

There’s no limit
to his loving kindness
No limit in time or space

Weekly Prayer: 08 May 2016

Precious father, thank you for your unconditional love. May we express that unconditional love to those around us. Thank you for your selfless mercy. May we endeavour to obey your commands and hear your direction for our lives. Thank you for your endless grace. May we strive to be the people you want us to be; people who can help and enable. We ask this in your name; amen.

Circuit Newsletter: May 2016


Weekly Prayer: 01 May 2016

Let us fear you, O Lord, beyond whom there is none more holy; 

Beyond whom there is none more loveable; glorify you beyond whom 

There is none more worthy of praise and long for you beyond whom

There is none more desirable; and grant that thus fearing, loving,

Glorifying and longing we may see you face to face through Christ our Lord.


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