Weekly Prayer: 24 April 2016

Come Lord Jesus, come as King.
Rule in our hearts, come as love.
Rulein our minds, come as peace.
Rule in our actions, come as power.
Rule in our days, come as joy.
Rule in our darkness, come as light.
Rule in our bodies, come as health.
Rule in our labours, come as hope.
Thy Kingdom come among us.

Weekly Prayer: 17 April 2016

Omnipotent and omnipresent God, how humble we should be knowing we don’t deserve your grace and mercy; but yet you give it to us so freely! Encourage us to confess our sins and to make our peace with you. Nurture our ever growing and renewing faith and fill us with courage to share your Good news. Amen

Weekly Prayer: 10 April 2016

God of the past, who knows our unique histories
God of the future, stirring us to plan and to dream,
We respond to your invitation in this present moment
To kindle the flame of your hope within us and around us,
For it is your hope -filled presence, and your eternal light
That scatter the darkness from the paths before us
To guide our feet in the paths of peace.